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Live Sessions- Interact with students in real time to help them solve their problems
  • Accept a session based on your availability and expertise
  • Thoroughly go through the reference material before hand and be well prepared
  • Be available and approachable on whatsapp during the duration of the accepted session
  • Provide speedy, to the point solutions in a step by step manner

Deadline Sessions- Submit solutions to student questions within a predetermined deadline
  • Accept a session based on your availability and expertise
  • Provide speedy, to the point and correct solutions in a step by step manner
  • Ensure that all solutions are submitted within the deadline
  • Missing the deadline may lead to account termination

Project Work/Lab
  • Accept project/ lab work
  • Lab manual format, data and other reference material will be provided
  • The report must be original and self- written. Any sort of plagiarism will not be tolerated and may lead to immediate termination of account.
  • The final report must be accompanied with all supporting files (in both word and pdf format)
Work Description

Still doubtful how TutorBin is the perfect online tutoring partner for you? Wondering why you should be a part of our online tutoring family?

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our tutors

TutorBin is an online tutoring portal designed from a tutor’s point of view. By connecting skilled tutors to students that seek assistance, we help them to share their technical expertise and earn a small living as well.

We believe in upfront disbursement of payments and generally the compensation is updated within 30 minutes of the completion of the session. The payment for each session may vary between INR 100- INR 350 based on the difficulty level of the problems and the quality of solutions offered.

Tutor rating is an important component to judge the performance of every tutor. Each tutor will be awarded a rating at the end of each session based on the quality of solutions provided. Each rating will contribute to the tutor’s average rating. The higher the average rating, the more sessions will the tutor be offered. Additionally, if a tutor deals in more than one subject, the rating for each subject will be different based on the performance.

While we discourage our tutors to cancel any accepted sessions, we do understand that sometimes emergencies arise. In such a situation the tutor is expected to personally contact the student and communicate the unavailability. The tutor will receive zero rating for a cancelled session.

Tutors can use different online calculators, web whatsapp, pdf converting applications and textbooks. Copying is not allowed. Tutors can not submit same solution twice for the same question, in case the tutor has already solved the same question in past it is tutor’s responsibility to modify the solutions for further submission.

To make sure that your average rating is high ensure-

  • Correctness of the solution
  • Clear and easy to understand handwriting
  • Solution methodology- Step by step solution
  • Visible clarity of uploaded solutions
  • Brief and crisp explanation
  • Adherence to the concepts and methodology as mentioned in the reference material provided with the session details

Tutors are allowed to edit certain profile information anytime which includes Name, Whatsapp Number, University,Subjects and Payment mode.

To check the correctness of your solution, see the rating section in assignment history. This section will showcase whether the solution you provided was correct or not. We recommend tutors to cross check their solutions before submitting as the correctness of the solution has a direct impact o tutor rating.

The reference material acts as a vantage point for tutors to familiarize themselves with the concepts and methods for the questions and problems they will be expected to solve. This becomes a tool for them to ensure that the solutions provided are easy to comprehend and follow a standard format for uniformity.