Sample Questions in Writing
Question 1.
INR 800
    Q) Analyze the play The Way of The World by William Congreve as “Comedy of Manner”.
    Make sure to cite all the work citations in the required format.
    No. of words: 800 words minimum
    Font Size: 12
    Double line spacing
    Referencing Style: APA 
    Plagiarism acceptable: not more than 20%
    Need typed solution
Question 2.
INR 2200
    Q. Taking atleast 4 real life examples into consideration:
    Discuss and analyze the Cognitive Dissonance Theory proposed by Leon Festinger.  
    Briefly summarize the critics point of view regarding the theory.
    Make sure to mention all the works cited according to the required format.
    • 2000 Words
    • Font Size: 12
    • Double line spacing
    • Referencing Style: APA 
    • Plagiarism limit: 20% maximum
Question 3.
INR 3750
                                                Learning outcomes:
    This assignment relates to all the module learning outcomes:
    MO1: Develop a coherent, evidenced, and feasible project proposal that contains a clearly defined 
    engineering research question that may be applicable to real world application or academic research
    MO2: Develop an effective project plan, identifying risk factors and resource requirements and 
    MO3: Identify and critically evaluate relevant literature to support the proposed research project.
    MO4: Identify and evaluate ethical, societal, legal, financial, and environmental issues in the 
    context of the proposed research
    Tasks – Total Word Count: 3500
    Part 1 (Minimum 2750 Words):
    Develop your Project Proposal to:
    Identify the problem you want to research
    Investigate existing Background Reading / Literature Review to understand the context and issues 
    surrounding the problem. Cite
    and reference your sources, using UWE Harvard
    Investigate potential data security and management issues, and the ethical, environmental and 
    societal implications of your project
    Identify potential risks that your project might face, and how you plan to mitigate such risks
    Discuss the technical requirements of your project: what tools and equipment might you need to conduct
    the activity, and how this impact on your planning. Also consider the people you need to
    engage with to support the project’s development
    Develop an initial project plan, linking to the resources, risks, constraints relating to your topic
    Use the above to help you develop your initial problem into the actual research question(s) you aim 
    to investigate.
    You should be able to refer to your Group Video to help you focus on the above topics; make sure you 
    transfer your learning from that process to your own project proposal.
    Part 2: individual Written Reflection (Minimum  750  words) This reflective discussion requires you to 
    discuss the knowledge and understanding you have gained from this module to enable you to successfully 
    plan for your 3rd year project activity.
    Reflect on the following:
    • How easy – or otherwise – you have found identifying project ideas to be, and how you have coped with this
    • Why this topic interests you
    • How you engaged with your potential supervisor(s)
    • How you used the discussions you had with employers during project week to inform your ideas
    • What you intend to do between now and the start of your third year to commence your project
    • How you are using your newly acquired knowledge to ensure you can start work on your project at the start 
    of the new academic year.
    Discuss how you think you will be demonstrating your engineering skills during your project activity. You
     may wish to link your current plans to the activities in Engineering Practice 1 and 2, to explain why you 
     are focusing on this activity. You may also wish to comment on how your group work supported the development 
     of your project proposal ideas.
    • To help you with this reflection, you should:
    Use Rolfe’s, Kolb’s or Gibb’s reflective model, or similar (see Appendix A), to explain your current thinking 
    about this activity: 
    Review how to write reflectively: See: 
    • Consider the following elements:
    Write your reflections in a clear manner
    Apply your chosen reflective model to your Project Proposal to determine its viability.
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