Sample Questions in Management
Question 1.
INR 1000
    she talked about how her job was very stressful and how it was not for  
    her because she had to do others job without a raise and that it didn’t  
    work out for her long term and they didn’t try to entertain the employees 
    enough and they over worked them.,  
    The attached file is the solution from student end, please read it and  write the 
    experience accordingly 
    You need to write 2.5 pages about the solution of a management problem.,  
    what problem she faced in her job.
    She works For a food & beverage company that was newly established under a larger 
    mother company  (real estate, commercial + retail projects as well as residential). 
    And she was the senior marketing  coordinator 
    These are her interview questions and answers 
    1) What do you like and don't like about your job? 
    2) If you were in charge, what are the things that you hope you can change?  
    3) What were your goals for this company and your job specifically and were able to 
       achieve it? 
    4) What are some things that you can recommend us doing before applying to a job 
        similar to yours? 
    1)  I liked how I was able to experience and learn to manage a whole marketing 
        department since  there was a lack of staff & guidelines I was able to create 
        the marketing foundation . However I  didn’t like that it was long working hours 
        with no flexibility for working hours, and no work days  from home/out of office. 
        As well as there were no financial incentives or rewards that would  boost 
        employee morale. 
    2)  If I was in charge, I would set realistic goals that have achievable time frames 
        for given tasks  considering the budget and the man power provided. I would also add 
        financial incentives that  compensate for the stress that comes with the job. 
        Unfortunately most of the goals were  unrealistic due to the limitations, that 
        include lack of staff, lack of guidelines, lack of  departments. However, As a 
        team we were still able to achieve exceptional results regardless of  the obstacles 
        and limitations. 
    3)  My goals for the company were to define its brand identity, strengthen its marketing 
        strategy,  aid in generating revenue for the investors, and achieve profit for the 
        company itself. I was able  to achieve most of my goals by creating the marketing 
        foundation, and start the initial process,  however it takes time to develop and even 
        onger to get results. I eventually resigned due to  burnout. 
    4)  I would recommend to ask your employer to clearly define your job descriptions and  
        responsibilities and make sure it aligns with what you are capable of providing and that 
        it is  within your expertise. I would also recommend to voice your opinion and be clear 
        on the time  frames that you are able to work within. Make sure you know what is expected 
        of you, what the  company’s goals are, what the nature of work is, what type of working 
        environment is. 
    5)  Before applying to any job, always consider what might be your career path  within 
        the company. Does it fit your long term career goals? Start up  companies generally are 
        great for experience as well as creating connections  because you continuously work with 
        so many different people and there are  many opportunities presented however as it comes 
        with its perks, it does also  come with cons. I would recommend researching the difference 
        between  corporate environment vs start up.
Question 2.
INR 5100
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