Sample Questions in Electronics & Communication
Question 1.
INR 300
Question 2.
INR 250
Question 3.
INR 1800
Question 4.
INR 1200
                                                Lab report should include:
        -and offcourse answering questions and showing calculations
        Need to Include Simulations Figures in lab report and
        label them
        Need to do what the Grading section says in the assignment
Question 5.
INR 1800
Question 6.
INR 2000
                                                Problem Description: 
    In this project, it is required to design a traffic light controller for a four-way intersection
     (shown in figure 1) as per the following specifications: 
    1. Each road in the intersection is controlled by a traffic light that has 3 different colored
      lights. The lights should turn on one at a time to indicate one of the following signals:
       Red light: stop the traffic flow. 
    b. Green light: allow the traffic flow. 
    c. Yellow (or orange) light: warns that the state is about to change from green light  to 
    red light. 
    2. The traffic lights should be controlled with fixed time cycles. The time duration for the
      green light should be 5 seconds, whereas it should be 2 second the yellow light. 3. When 
      the traffic flow is stopped from one road, there should be a delay of 1 seconds  before 
      allowing the traffic to flow from the next road. 
    4. A switch should be used to suspend the control of the traffic lights where all the lights 
     will remain at their current state. 
    5. External LEDs should be used to test your designed controller. The LEDs can be collected  from your lab instructor. 
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