Sample Questions in Economics
Question 1.
INR 1120
Question 2.
INR 1720
1. Choose a topic you are interested in. Tips for topic selection:

  Just identify two or three things an analyst might first look for in the data, 
  and set those things as the scope for your exercise. It's also reasonable to 
  design your exercise around data you've already worked with. 

. Within your topic of interest, choose specifically what you will measure 
  with data. Make this as precise as possible. If you can articulate what you 
  are doing in the form of, "I'm trying to answer the following question ...", 
  and the question is specific and lends itself to data analysis, you're on 
  the right track.

. Keep in mind from the outset that you're going to need actual data, and 
  for some ideas data may not be available. (At least to you anyway.) two rich 
  resources of government data: (Links to an external site.) 
  and (Links to an external site.). You're welcome to choose 
  a topic using data from one of those more familiar sources, but it is not 
  at all required. The internet is teeming with data sets for download. 
2. Specifications for data and analysis.

. Your data set should contain a minimum of 100 observations (N≥100). No 
. Your data set should contain a minimum of three variables of interest, 
  .g. regression (see below) will have a dependent variable and at least two 
  independent variables. No maximum. 
. Your analysis should include at least one regression (see above) estimated 
  using R.
. Your analysis should include at least one table of summary statistics. 
  Graphical analysis is encouraged but not required. 
3. What you are turning in. It should include:
. An R script demonstrating the steps you executed in R. 
. The R data object(s) saved. 
. Any excel sheets or other documents with a summary statistics table, any 
  other tables or graphs of results
. An MS Word document, no more than 500 words, with written answers to the 
        A. What did you set out to measure? What is your question?
        B. What data did you use? Where did you get it? 
        C. What data analysis methods did you employ, and why did you choose 
           them? In this section, for example, you would show exactly what 
           regression(s) you estimated. 
        D. What did you find? Were you able to measure what you meant to? 
           Anything surprising in the results?  
Question 3.
INR 2040
Question 4.
INR 1130
Prepare brief for the CEO of an Australian owned luxury perfumery, 'Fragrance  Ambrosia' 
which intends to enter three foreign markets in the not-so-distant future  (2023/24). 
Investigate the different markets by reflecting on your learnings throughout  the course 
and identify key issues and make recommendations for consideration by the  CEO. 
The CEO has expressed interest to launch the Australian perfume brand in Saudi Arabia,  
China, and USA. You may choose two of the markets presented and prepare a report for the  
CEO. In doing so, consider the following as relevant to your chosen markets and make  
o Legal, economic, political & cultural environment 
o Home and host nation relations 
o Market entry, growth, barriers and enablers 
o Staffing considerations in the foreign markets 
o Marketing strategy 
o Sustainability related considerations 
o Business forms 
o Risk factors 
The format for your final assessment will be as follows: 
Title page/Topic: Please make sure you state the topic 
An abstract is a self-contained, short, and powerful statement that describes a larger  work. 
It is short summary that is included at the beginning of a report which provides an  overview 
of the report. The abstract should only be written AFTER the report has been  finalized, and 
all the points are in place. It should tell us briefly the major purpose of the  report, the 
analytical proposes including the main theories/concepts that were used, the  main finings 
and key recommendations. The abstract should also state from where the  key 
information/evidence came from. it should be written in a way that the audience will  be 
most likely to read and appreciate the information in the report. 
Table of content 
Introduction: (3%) 
The introduction sets out a formal, brief background, the purpose of the report, any  
limitations, and the scope of the report. Focus on the important elements. The  introduction 
should tell the reader the structure that will be used in the report and what  kinds of 
information will be contained in each section. 
This section contains the analysis and the discussion and must be organized in a logical  
sequence. Subheadings should be used to identify each section. It is important to include  
theoretical constructs and research findings in this section to support your points.  
Therefore it is critical that you include citations from journal articles and other sources. 
Conclusions: (7.5%) 
This section should summaries the main points and findings and should be drawn from  what is 
presented in the body of the report. Avoid new ideas and information in this  section.  
Recommendations: (5%) 
The recommendations should be based on the conclusions and should be brief  statements outlining 
course of action you suggest. The recommendations have to  realistic and feasible based on the 
analysis you have conducted. 
Professionalism - (Referencing/Formatting) : (7.5%) 
At least 15 pieces of literature should inform this report, including 10 sourced from  relevant 
peer reviewed academic journals (these should be refereed journal articles  written within the 
past 15 years). 
Other acceptable sources include: 
• Relevant textbooks 
• Periodicals 
• Newspapers 
• Relevant online business sites or sources
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