Sample Questions in Aerospace
Question 1.
INR 3500
Question 2.
INR 2300
    Need to choose a type of a Bush Plane.  
    Requirements fo choosing the bush plane 
    Fly to remote areas where the lack of infrastructure makes it hard to use cars 
    fulfil multiple tasks like passenger and cargo transport, medical evacuation and search and rescue landing is performed on rough terrain, snow, ice and even water 
    Write a report about it to represent it in front of a client. The structure of the report needs to include the  following:  
    1. Introduction about the chosen plane. 
    2. The design process of the chosen plane. 
    3. Market research for the chosen plane ( includes a comparison of similar aircraft on the market ). Make it  as simple as possible. Examples of the comparison: the capacity of the passengers, payload, dimensions,  maximum takeoff, speed, etc. also include photos of the airplanes. 
    4. Product design specifications. 
    5. Project main technical issue. 6. Project objective tree. 
    7. Project conceptual ideas for the issue.
Question 3.
INR 2600
Question 4.
INR 150
    An aircraft flies at a speed of 70 m/s and the speed of sound is 340.3 m/s. Calculate the Mach
    number and state the flow regime. 
    Data: U = 70 m/s, c= 340.3 m/s 
    Question: M = ?, flow regime? 
    Solving: M = U/C = 70/340.3 = 0.206 
    Since M < 0.3, the flow can approximated as incompressible. 
Question 5.
INR 500
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